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The Motivation For Circumcision: Babies For Sale

a public service message, courtesy of the WebMagician

Predatory Sexual Child Molesters

Why is circumcision still being inflicted upon millions of helpless babies every year, when we know the devastating effects it will have upon its innocent victims?

For the answer to that question, we must put away the picture we have in our minds of the caring, concerned doctor, and look closely at the aberant, deviant side of human behaviour.

The butchers who mutilate these helpless children are sick, sexual predators.  They derive a disgusting pleasure from fondling, cutting, clamping, crushing, and slicing off the foreskins of babies.  They get a sexual rush from the screams of newborn infants and the feeling of the sticky blood oozing through their fingers.  Doctors who circumcise are sadist pedophiles.

No caring, loving, normal human being could possibly inflict such destructive injury upon a helpless baby.  Only the truly sociopathic can do such a horrific thing.

The excuses put forward by these pathologically sadistic doctors in their attempts to justify the butchery have all been demonstrated to be false, misleading, or intentional acts of deception. So the circumcision promoters must continuously fabricate new reasons to try to maintain the status quo.

Exposing these closet pedophiles to intense public scrutiny is one of the ways we can help to put an end to the mutilations.  Obviously then, one of the first things that must be done is to identify those doctors who are the leading proponents of circumcision.

Please refer to the following linked page for a detailed look at those involved in the predatory sexual mutilation of innocent children.

Circumcisor Hall of Infamy

The "Foreskin Harvesting" Industry

Circumcision originated for the express purpose of depriving a man of the incredible sexual pleasure his foreskin was designed to produce. Despite the slight-of-hand attempts doctors make at confusing the issue with medical myths and lies, circumcision continues to be done for precisely this reason.

There's also another much bigger issue at work.  If it were any other kind of operation, doctors would be scrutinized and called to task for their actions.  The reason why doctors' motives are not questioned in this case, is because of the tremendous amounts of money at stake.  The foreskin resale industry is a multi-billion dollar a year business.  Everyone from the doctor to the hospital to the biotech businesses to the government is profiting from the sale of amputated infant foreskins.

The force currently driving the circumcision machinery is an insidious one. MONEY. The numbers of dollars involved are staggering, and this financial force is one which is providing the funds to continue the spread of medical propaganda advocating circumcision.

A number of high-tech businesses know unequivocally that infant foreskin is extraordinarily unique. Companies such as Apligraf, Advanced Tissue Sciences, BioSurface Technology, Ortec International, and Organogenisis (and many others) are huge purchasers of infant foreskin tissue.

The May 1998 issue of Business Week provided a glimpse into this sadistic industry. "One piece of foreskin can produce four acres of engineered skin". Skin that sells for more than $3,000.00 a square foot! The February 1998 issue of Wired magazine quotes one of these companies, "The cells from a single foreskin can produce 200,000 units of manufactured skin". "That's enough skin to cover about 250 people."

Other companies also know the value of infant foreskin. Cosmetics companies, such as Estee Lauder, Helene Curtis, and Mary Kay Cosmetics, use babies' foreskins in their test laboratories.

The doctors aren't going to put an end to circumcision:
... they make huge sums of money to mutilate the babies.

The hospitals aren't going to put an end to it:
... they get paid when they sell the foreskins to the cosmetics and biotech companies.

Those commercial companies aren't going to put an end to it:
... they're making mountains of money churning out commercial consumer products from the tortured suffering of innocent babies.

And the government isn't going to stop it:
... they make money off the product licensing approval fees and the taxes on all the various and sundry 'sales'.

Who's going to help the children ?
... THEY NEED YOU - an informed, educated public !

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