Fight Sexual Mutilation WebRing

If you would like to join the Fight Sexual Mutilation WebRing
you must meet the following requirements:

  • This webring is for anyone that has a web page which features information about the real consequences of infant genital mutilation, ie: circumcision. The webring was specifically created to address the issue of male circumcision, but websites which deal with female genital mutilation are also welcome to join.

  • Pages containing falsehoods, lies, myths, or other misleading information will NOT be added to this ring.

  • Pages containing discriminatory, racist or other hate propoganda will NOT be added to this ring.

If your website/page meets these requirements and you would like to join the Fight Sexual Mutilation WebRing, please complete the form listed below. Once you have completed and submitted the form your website will be added to the "SUBMISSION QUEUE". This is NOT formal entry into the webring. Your site will be visited and checked to ensure that it meets the requirements necessary for admission to this webring. If your site is acceptable, the ringmaster will then add your site to the actual webring.

Before the ringmaster will add your site to the ring, you must place a piece of HTML code on your webpage. The HTML code is what is used by visitors to your site to permit them to traverse the ring. When you submit the form below to the ringmaster, you will receive an email which contains the HTML code that you will need to add to your webpage. The email will also contain your SITE ID (ie: the unique number that identifies your site within the ring) and your password. You will need both of these in order to be able to make changes down the road to your site information.

The HTML code fragment that is emailed to you can be cut and pasted directly from the email into your webpage.

The code fragment assumes that our small "circumcision IS sexual mutilation" GIF image is being used. This means you must download the GIF graphic from this website and upload it to your website, if you wish to make use of it in the HTML code fragment. You do not need to use our graphic: you may use your own graphic, or you may simply use plain text. If you do not use our graphic, then you must change the line in the HTML code that refers to the fightcirc.gif graphic.

PLEASE, DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO THE LOGO GRAPHIC. Save it to your hard drive and upload it to your own website. Simply click the right mouse button while the mouse is positioned over top of the logo graphic. Then select "Save Image As" or "Save Picture As", depending on your browser (on a MAC: click on the image with your mouse and drag it off the page).

The following is an example of what the HTML code would look like once it is added to your webpage. It assumes the small GIF graphic is being used. You must add this HTML code to your own webpage. Without it, no one can link to the rest of the webring.

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Submitting this form does NOT automatically add you to the Ring.

Please do NOT send an email asking to be added to the ring, or asking about the status of your submission. The ringmaster checks the queue every day and is sent email the moment someone requests they be added to the Ring.

Sites are added to the ring daily, and your site will be added as soon as we have reviewed it. You can expect your site to be reviewed in 3 days or less (generally the day following your submission).

You MUST add the HTML code fragment to your webpage (OR to a Webrings link page, if that is your preference) in order to be added to the ring. The ring HTML code must be easily locatable on either your main webpage or a Webrings webpage. If we cannot find the HTML code, your site will not be added to the ring.

The ringmaster will check your site looking for the HTML code. If you have not added the HTML code to your page after 15 days, your site will be deleted from the queue.

If you want to check on the status of your site submission, you can review the queue to see if your site is still waiting to be added to the ring. You can check the queue from the link on the Fight Sexual Mutilation WebRing home page, once you have submitted your site to the queue.

If your page meets the criteria necessary for inclusion in the ring, and the necessary HTML code is verified to be properly placed there, then your site will be added to the ring, and you will receive another email confirming that your site has been officially added to the ring.

If you have any questions about this webring, or about adding the HTML code to your webpage, please email the ringmaster at:

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