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This site is dedicated to informing the public about circumcision, why it is unnecessary, why it was started, the proper care of an uncircumcised infant, functions of the foreskin, links and books on circumcision. Everything you need to know before making the decision of whether or not to circumcise your child.


A public service message speaking out against infant genital mutilation (circumcision).


A public service message speaking out against infant genital mutilation (circumcision).

Three Reasons Behind Our Circumcision Decision

3 Reasons Why I'm Anti-circ along with an extensive collection of links.

Peaceful Beginnings

This is a collection of information sheets and personal accounts adapted from the many that I distributed during the 80's and early 90's. Included are many which question and oppose routine infant circumcision and other childbirth/infancy related topics. Intended for distribution to the general public, particularly expectant and new parents.

Puff the M. D.

Satire of Puff the Magic Dragon (1963 folk tune by Peter, Paul and Mary). Puff the M.D. New lyrics tell a story about a deviant circumciser who finally goes away in shame.


A public service message speaking out against infant genital mutilation (circumcision).

Sex As Nature Intended It

Adult sexuality of both the man and his female partner is profoundly harmed by male circumcsion. Landmark book presents irrefutable evidence that the foreskin plays a multi-faceted role during intercourse that adds immensely to the sexual pleasure and comfort of both partners.


Dedicated to making a safer world, NOCIRC Of Texas is committed to securing the birthright of male, female, and intersex children and babies to keep their sex organs intact.

Stop Infant Circumcision

A site that gives the public, truth about M.G.M.(infant circumcision) and the actions of the medical industry, encouraging visitors to develop their own conclusions and opinions about M.G.M. - and then to share those opinions with others.

EarthMother's Momma Site

Attachment parenting...homebirthing...unassisted bed...ANTI-Circumcision activist (aka, an 'intactivist')...prolonged breastfeeding...this site is 'in progress'


Plethora of information about circumcision in Turkish language.

Foreskin Education Page

I created this page, because their is a great misunderstanding about what foreskin is and does. On the page are moving gifs and video clips of foreskin.

Pat's Educational Baby Circumcision Site

The sites makes available an educational page of the form and mobility with real foreskin, a large photo collection of circumstraints and baby circumcision sequences, many streamable videos, personal stories, and a comprehensive circumcision link collection.


South African NOCIRC

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